Boie USA is launching a toothbrush that is non-abrasive and made from medical grade materials.  Boie toothbrushes have antibacterial bristles, will last longer than ordinary tooth brushes, come with an S shaped handle that is ergonomic in nature and is also very thin.  The anti-microbial tooth brush has bristles designed to remove plaque, reduce abrasion of teeth and gums, and is made from elastomer that is recyclable.

Boie Toothbrush to Brush Teeth

This toothbrush is bisphenol A (BPA) free.  In case you didn’t know, BPA is a chemical that has been used since the 60s’ to make resins and plastics.  Although the Food and Drug Administration has stated BPA is safe in small quantities, many manufacturers like Boie are starting to use BPA free products.  Boie also uses silver ions in the elastomer to ensure the brush reduces bacteria growth minimize smells and

Boie Toothbrush raised $64,329 through a Kickstarter fundraising initiative for its toothbrush.  Boie USA initiated crowd funding in June 16, 2016 for its business and reached its fundraising goal of $10,000 on June 21, 2016.   Through stretch goals, Boie is also able to offer different toothbrush colors.

Boie USA developed rewards for supporters consisting of:

  • Early bird for single Boie tooth brush for $10
  • Early bird gets 2 toothbrushes for $20
  • Single Boie brush for $12
  • A toothbrush handle and 2 brush heads for $17
  • Family packages for $36 gets 3 handles and brushheads

Boie USA is located in New York, NY and was launched by Model Luma Grothe and Manuel de la Cruz in 2015.