The Next Gen Launch Bindings for snowboards make it easier for snowboarders to strap on their boards.  These snow board bindings were created by Launch Snowboards and pop up and around the boot when a snowboarder steps in them.   This should allow the snowboarder to attach their bindings without sitting down in the snow to put them on.  The Next Gen Launch Bindings are made of plastics instead of metal so they are lightweight.

Launch Snowboard Bindings

The Launch bindings were created by Jon Callahan who founded Launch Snowboards.  In addition to these bindings, Launch also provides men’s and women’s snowboards and clothing.  The company states that their Next Gen bindings are more comfortable and easier to use than traditional snow board bindings.  The Next Gen bindings also save snow boarders time because they no longer have to sit down to put their bindings on.

So far Launch has raised $46,922 through a Kickstarter fundraising initiative for its snowboard bindings.  The Launch business initiated crowd funding on February 21, 2017 and reached its fundraising goal of $25,000 after just 12 hours on February 22, 2017.  After reaching its funding goal, the snowboard company announced a stretch goal to provide Next Gen snowboard bindings in red and black.

Launch Snowboards developed rewards levels for supporters consisting of:

  • Early bird special offers 1 pair of bindings for $249, which is 38% discount off the retail price of $399.
  • Kickstarter special price of $349 for 1 pair of Launch snowboard bindings.
  • Two sets of Next Gen bindings for $499
  • Get a Hitmaker snowboard and a pair of bindings for $649
  • Launch day special offered 1 pair of snow board bindings for $247, or $152 off of the list price.

Launch Snowboards is located in New York, NY and was launched by Jon Callahan.