Shalgi Design Studio is creating new type of carry-on luggage that has large wheels designed to travel over a wide variety of surfaces.  G-RO luggage feels lighter than traditional travel luggage, rolls more easily, last longer because of integrated design, offers more interior space than comparably designed luggage, and comes in a sleek look. The GRO suitcase features a built in table stand, a long handle, waterproof bottom, optional location tracker, USB charging station, and low mass all terrain wheels.

G-RO Suitcase with Big Wheels

One of the things that differentiates the G-RO suitcase is the wheel design.  While traditional travel suitcases feature small wheels that break more often and require more parts to assemble, the G RO wheels are much larger and reinforce each other.   Additionally GR-O luggage has a telescoping handle that allows it to grow 6 inches longer than other suitcases.  The luggage is made from ballistic nylon to help keep your belongings dry and minimize crushing forces.

G-RO raised $3,307,773 through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for its luggage.  The Shalgi Design Studio startup began raising funds in October 14, 2015 and reached its funding goal on October 28, 2016.  Shalgi Design Studio established stretch goals of stealth black G-RO suitcase for $1M, additional colors for $2M and custom wheel plates for $3M.  G-RO increased its total funding to $4,377,890 through an additional crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Shalgi Design Studio made available many rewards for backers that included:

  • Key chain for $12
  • Early bird specials for less than $250
  • International shipping level
  • Partners deal where you get G-RO
  • Road warrior package at $899 that includes 4 GRO

Shalgi Design Studio is located in New York, New York and was started by Netta Shalgi in 2010.