Dish and DUER is starting a business to manufacture pants made from a special fabric that is designed to keep you cool in hot weather.  The pant fabric is made of 4 different fibers to achieve the cooling properties and also prevents bacteria from rapid growth in steamy weather. This fabric used in the Dish and DUER pants is a lightweight material that reduces smell and is durable enough for your outdoor activities.

Dish and Duer Pants Keep You Cool

The 4 different fibers in the T2X fabric are tencel, polyester, cotton and spandex.  The tencel wicks moisture away from your skin and is odor resistant; the polyester provides durability and dries quickly; cotton makes the DUER pants comfortable; and the spandex allows the pants to stretch.  The pants also include a security pocket, a key ring, moisture wicking pockets, mesh lined thigh vents, a seat gusset and reinforced stitching to hold them together.

Dish and DUER raised $273,765 through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for its cool pants.  The Dish and DUER organization started raising money June 1, 2016 and reached its funding goal of $50,000 on June 2, 2016. DishandDUER established a stretch goal to create cooling pants in different colors.

Dish and DUER generated many rewards for backers that consisted of:

  • Cool pants for men or women at $79
  • Mix and match any 2 pairs of pants for $149
  • Select 3 pairs of cool pants for $249
  • Get 5 pairs of cooling pants for $359

Dish and DUER was started by Gary Lenett and Abid Hafeez in 2013.